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兔肉凍乾塊 (犬用)
平均評等為 5 ,滿分 5 分

My dog really loves this! I am about to order another bag, in fact!

- RooMom (US/

牛肉凍乾塊 (犬用)
平均評等為 5 ,滿分 5 分

My boy enjoys the Purpose line of freeze dried dog foods, Beef seems to be his favorite. These crumble easily, hydrate quickly, and the ingredients are healthy for him. Everyone is happy!

- Toby (US/

一口雞肉凍乾粒 (貓用)
平均評等為 5 ,滿分 5 分

Purpose is a great option for cat owners seeking a freeze-dried cat food.

- Kate B. (US/

兔肉凍乾塊 (犬用)
平均評等為 5 ,滿分 5 分

Purpose 凍乾得好好 包野唔重但係裏面有好多塊 每日加啲係狗糧終於冇甩勁多毛了

- MC W. (HK/ HKTVMA**)

Original 經典雞肉幼貓用乾糧
平均評等為 5 ,滿分 5 分


- Nana M. (HK/ HKTVMA**)

Ultimate Protein 頂級蛋白成貓雞肉乾糧
平均評等為 5 ,滿分 5 分


- Kee T. PN (HK/ HKTVMA**)

平均評等為 5 ,滿分 5 分


- Emily C. (HK/ HKTVMA**)

平均評等為 5 ,滿分 5 分


- YK M. (HK/ HKTVMA**)

Raw Boost 生肉無穀物 雞肉 貓用主糧
平均評等為 5 ,滿分 5 分


- Ivan W. (HK/ HKTVMA**)

Pasture 野牧羊 ( 全犬糧 )
平均評等為 5 ,滿分 5 分

I bought this product because of the good quality ingredients and especially the pasture raised lamb. My dogs and my cats love it. I didn't buy it for my cats but they keep eating it from the dog food so now I don't even bother buying cat food anymore. Highly recommend and I've been using it for a few months at this point

- Justine L. (US/

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