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7.5 kg


由脫離母乳轉換至固體食物過程中,我們需要特別照顧幼犬的營養。幼犬的消化系統需要逐漸適應固體食物。Bosch 的幼犬配方是專為斷奶後過渡期而設計的,可以浸泡在溫水中或幼犬奶中使用。產品使用初乳,甘露聚醣和葡聚醣的特定免疫複合物(由營養專家調配)可增強幼犬的免疫系統。

  • 初乳鞏固幼犬免疫系統

  • 甘露聚醣和β葡聚糖能穩定腸道內細菌及增強免疫防禦

  • 不含小麥致敏源

During the transition from weaning breast milk to solid food, we need to take special care of puppy nutrition. A puppy's digestive system needs to get used to solid food gradually. Bosch's puppy formula is designed for the post-weaning transition and can be soaked in warm water or used in puppy milk. The product uses a specific immune complex of colostrum, mannan and glucan (formulated by a nutrition expert) to strengthen the puppy's immune system.

  • Colostrum strengthens puppy's immune system

  • Mannan and beta glucan stabilize intestinal bacteria and enhance immune defense

  • Free from wheat allergens


新鮮家禽 ( 30% ),乾家禽蛋白,大米,大麥,玉米,動物脂肪,乾甜菜 ( 脫糖 ),脫脂奶粉,蛋粉 ( 脫水雞蛋 ),魚粉,水解蛋白,乾油脂,亞麻籽,乾豌豆,乾酵母 ( 0.1%甘露寡糖,0.06 %β-葡聚醣 ),魚油,初乳 ( 0.2% ),氯化鈉,乾青口 ( 0.1% ),乾菊苣。

特點 :

  • 肉含量 / 動物性蛋白質比例:52.50%

  • 動物蛋白質佔總蛋白質的比例:80.10%

Fresh Poultry (30%), Dried Poultry Protein, Rice, Barley, Corn, Animal Fats, Dried Beets (Reduced Sugar), Skim Milk Powder, Egg Powder (Dehydrated Eggs), Fish Meal, Hydrolyzed Protein, Dried Fats and Oils, Flax Seeds, Dried Peas , dry yeast (0.1% mannooligosaccharide, 0.06% beta-glucan), fish oil, colostrum (0.2%), sodium chloride, dry mussels (0.1%), dry chicory.

Features :

  • Meat content / animal protein ratio: 52.50%

  • The ratio of animal protein to total protein: 80.10%

使用方法 / 餵食指引

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