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凍乾肉餅雞肉配方主食糧 (犬用)

Chicken Entree Freeze-Dried Raw Mini Patties Dog Food

681020 (14oz)


14 oz

Vital Essentials


當您給愛犬餵食生肉糧時,屠宰蛋白提供了卓越的好處。 我們的凍乾生肉粒主食糧是在每一口中裝入大量負責任來源和人道收穫的全動物蛋白的最佳方式,使進餐時餵食生食變得輕而易舉。 屠宰蛋白中天然存在的維生素和礦物質可以增強肌肉以增強其玩耍能力,自然支持消化和口腔健康,並為狗狗提供必要的營養,讓牠們其看起來和感覺最好。 

When it comes to feeding your dog a raw diet, superior protein provides superior benefits. Packed with butcher cut protein, our limited ingredient freeze-dried mini patties are the perfect solution to serving your dog a raw diet containing the naturally occurring vitamins and minerals that build strong muscles for more play, naturally support digestive and oral health, and provide essential nutrients to look and feel their best.




Crude Protein 粗蛋白 (min) - 50%

Crude Fat 粗脂肪 (min) - 21%

Crude Fiber 粗纖維 (max) - 5%

Moisture 水份 (max) - 8%

Calorie Content 卡路里 - 4,105 kcal / kg; 65 kcal / patty

Chicken, chicken heart, chicken liver, herring oil, mixed tocopherols (preservative), vitamin E supplement, zinc amino acid complex, iron amino acid complex, copper amino acid complex, manganese amino acid complex.

Nutritional Analysis:

Crude Protein (min) - 50%

Crude Fat (min) - 21%

Crude Fiber (max) - 5%

Moisture (max) - 8%

Calorie Content - 4,105 kcal / kg; 65 kcal / patty

使用方法 / 餵食指引

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