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Adult with Lamb & Rice

013178 ( 1.0kg )

013192 ( 3.0kg )

013215 ( 15.0kg )

Packaging sizes:

1 / 3 / 15kg

About this product

成犬羊飯配方對所有正常活動的成年犬來說能提供均衡及全營養的食物。Bosch 的成犬羊飯含有高比例的高消化率大米(16%),並且不含小麥致敏源。滿溢的能量和豐富的蛋白質,配合貽貝提取物,可以防止因為肥胖而對骨骼和關節的危害。通過我們精選的甘露聚醣和β葡聚醣免疫複合物,讓毛孩的腸道菌群得以穩定並增強了其免疫系統。

  • 不含小麥致敏源

  • 甘露聚醣和β葡聚糖能穩定腸道內細菌及增強免疫防禦

  • 青口維持軟骨及關節健康

  • 容易消化吸收

The Lamb Rice formula for adult dogs provides a balanced and nutritious food for all normally active adult dogs. Bosch's Lamb Rice for Adults Dogs contains a high percentage of highly digestible rice (16%) and is free of wheat allergens. This product is full of energy and rich protein, combined with mussel extract, which can prevent damage to bones and joints due to obesity. With our selection of Mannan and Beta Glucan Immune Complexes, your puppy's gut flora is stabilized, and its immune system is strengthened.

  • Free from wheat allergens

  • Mannan and beta-glucan stabilize intestinal bacteria and enhance immune defence

  • Mussels maintain cartilage and joint health

  • Easy to digest and absorb

Ingredient list

乾家禽蛋白 ( 17% ),大米 ( 16% ),大麥,高粱,玉米,家禽脂肪,乾羊肉蛋白( 4% ),乾甜菜粉 ( 脫糖 ),水解蛋白,小黃米,魚粉,乾豌豆,魚油,乾酵母 ( 0.1% 甘露寡糖,0.06%β-葡聚醣 ),氯化鈉,氯化鉀,乾青口 ( 0.1% ),乾菊苣

特點 :

  • 肉含量 / 動物基蛋白質比例:23.80%

  • 動物性蛋白質佔總蛋白質的比例:67.50%

Dried Poultry Protein (17%), Rice (16%), Barley, Sorghum, Corn, Poultry Fat, Dried Lamb Protein (4%), Dried Beet Powder (Desugar), Hydrolyzed Protein, Small Yellow Rice, Fish Meal, Dried Peas , fish oil, dry yeast (0.1% mannooligosaccharide, 0.06% beta-glucan), sodium chloride, potassium chloride, dry mussels (0.1%), dry chicory

Features :

  • Meat content / animal-based protein ratio: 23.80%

  • The ratio of animal protein to total protein: 67.50%

Serving Methods

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